The Milburn Quarter

The Milburn Quarter

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The Milburn Quarter

The Milburn Quarter is a group of buildings brought together by property investment specialists, CNC Property Fund Management. CNCPFM has used a number of experienced professionals to provide prime space for business, retail and residential users. Our knowledge of how to make historic buildings work in modern markets allows people to enjoy past centuries’ architecture whilst meeting modern occupational requirements. In doing so, we aim to build on the vibrancy of Newcastle city centre and ensure that the historic core can continue to provide up-to-date and relevant space for today’s markets.

As part of this process, we have been ensuring that these unique and culturally important buildings are brought back to their original splendour. The buildings sit right in the heart of Newcastle’s historic conservation area, amongst some of the city centre’s best leisure and cultural venues. All businesses are well catered for with excellent business facilities and transport links that connect the Milburn Quarter to Newcastle, surrounding areas and the rest of the world via Newcastle International Airport.

The Milburn Quarter promotes greater flexibility towards the way individuals and businesses occupy space. We will work with you to find the solution that best fits your needs, accommodating everyone from small start-up businesses to large established firms; or even people looking to find a new home.

The Milburn Quarter has on site building managers to ensure the buildings are always maintained to high standards, whilst giving us a personal presence with tenants. Our building managers are also there to ensure your home or business has the chance to operate smoothly without building issues holding you back.

The land on which the Milburn Quarter buildings sit has a rich history dating back over a thousand years into Anglo-Saxon times and beyond. The castle, built by the son of William the Conqueror, gave rise to Newcastle’s name and still over looks the Milburn Quarter today. However, it wasn’t until 1761 when the maze of medieval alleyways next to St. Nicholas’ Church Yard was levelled for major civic redevelopment. This was the start of the journey that allowed the area to prosper into the grandeur we see today. The building of Dean Street and Mosley Street, along with Side, created routes connecting the north and south of the city until the construction of the High Level Bridge in 1849.

The Milburn Quarter buildings began life in 1821 with the construction of 17 – 21 Dean Street. This was followed by St. Nicholas Chambers in 1881 and the Cathedral Buildings in 1901. However it was to be a major fire at the Dean Street printing works that lead to the creation of Milburn House. Alderman J Milburn bought the fire ruined site, allowing him to create Milburn House in 1905. The Milburn family had become extremely wealthy through the boom of the merchant shipping and coal industries and they used some of their wealth to acquire land and properties throughout the early 1900s, with Milburn House being the jewel in the crown of their portfolio. The family’s strong connection with shipping is ingrained into the building’s design and execution: the building was designed as a tribute to luxury ocean liners of the age from the floors labelled A to G, like decks on a ship, to the fine nautical detailing throughout the building.